Tuesday, January 13

Can you have too many towels?

I think I have a towel fetish. Really. I love nice new soft towels. Large towels. That match. And match the bathroom they go in. When my kids were growing up I even insisted they be folded a certain way. After all, they had to fit into the cabinet just right. And if there is a tag it must go on the inside of your folding. If you have a neutral bathroom let's say you have Linen colored towels for it and your other bath is mainly blue & white so you go with blue towels in there. Now there is no confusion as to which bathroom the towels get stored in after washing (and drying and that perfect fold thing). I have the kitchen covered too. Since men and children don't know the difference between a washcloth and a dishrag ~ well, they are a different color too. Now we have it all covered. Including our behinds!

Oh, I have bent a little. When I remodeled my master bathroom the cabinet size changed where I would be storing the towels so I now fold THOSE towels a new way. I can be flexible. But I did just buy new towels for the master ~ and gasp! ~ they are not the same color as the last ones... nor are they all the same color!! I went with 3 different colors to blend with the "scheme" of my bathroom. I am really stepping out. Thankfully there are no children to "re-train" and my hubby has to have direct instructions before beginning to fold a towel (he figures you are going to use it eventually so just hang it somewhere).

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  1. i still don't know the difference between a wash cloth and a dish rag.