Sunday, January 11

How Many is Too Many Beanies?

Okay, I am going to be honest here. I have Beanies. Lots of Beanie Babies. Lots and LOTS of them. Too many is the number I have in my garage. Back in 1996 the craze had hit and those adorable little critters started jumping in my arms when I would go to the specialty stores that sold them. At only $4.99 each I guess they seemed inexpensive enough. I want to say my kids just had to have them, but truly.... it was me. In high school I remember loving stuffed animals so much that I was even nerdy enough (or brave enough) to take one to school!!! Lunch was playtime. I regress. My family has warned me that they do NOT want to be in charge of the Beanies if I were to somehow leave this earth before parting with them. Sorry folks. I have parted with and donated many a Beanie over the past few years. When I discovered that Mr. TY was not going to retire the craze I lost interest ~ as well as funds. Seemed as though instead of the 5 or 6 new ones a month he started mass producing 20 or more a month. Collectors like myself could no longer afford this cute pastime of collecting cute little animals. But, alas, he also started flooding the market so we could not get any money out of our collections. No more sitting by the computer bidding on the latest rare creature! They are all packed in plastic bins.... all organized by certain styles or by country or by sets, etc. I hate to admit it but I have 64 ISSY Beanies. They all look exactly the same but have different hang tags and tags hanging off their hinny's with the names of different Four Season's Hotels on them. Yes, EXACTLY the same if you take off their tags. Out of those 64 I have one that says "Santa Barbara" on it. That is one I swapped a lady online for ~ I sent her a few beanies that she needed (did we really NEED them?) for that ONE. It is probably one of my most prized possessions (or at least collectible). She and I became Internet friends for over 5 years after that. And that one Beanie now has a value of about $350.00 due to it's rarity. There are other rare Beanie's in my vast collection, but if I list them all I might invite a Beanie snatcher to stalk me to get to them!! LOL! Trust me, I've gone through the bins several times trying to donate more each time. But those Beanies with the wrong tags, misspellings, reversed ears, one of each color, etc. just HAVE to be worth something one day. Why else would a 50 yr. old woman hang on to them?

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