Saturday, January 17

How many is TOO MANY Tequila Shots?

In keeping with my theme of "How many is too many..." I decided to open up to you and share a few of my experiences with Tequila Shots. Some of you may relate to this blog, other's may shudder and try not to remember their own experience that may have included a night spent in the bathroom.

At Fifty years of age I would not say I am any kind of expert on this subject, but I recently set out (purposefully) to see how many really WAS too many. Thankfully, my very good friend Sandra was with me and saw that neither myself nor anyone around me/us was harmed during my experiment.

My first encounter with Tequila shots was in our first home a year after marrying Gene. Friends had come to our house to watch an Alabama Bowl game in late December 1979 and I had never done shots. Our friend Nina proceeded to show me ~ not the best tasting but I felt the warmth of the "buzz" fairly quickly. I was not the smartest thinking person after a few shots, so when the tequila ran out, I ran to the ABC store. Well, drove. Yes. I called first to make sure they were open. No one knew I had gone until I returned (safely) with more fluids. I don't remember anything after that. I was put to bed unaware....... Obviously I had had "one too many".

Over the years I would try it now and again. I found that while I might crash hard once I hit the pillow, I usually woke up without any problems the next day. (hello Camille) We have friends that had a huge New Year's Eve Party maybe 5 yrs. ago ~ or more. The hostess of the party was entertaining all the women with shots.... showing us all different "ways" to do them. New to me! We all got silly and participated. Eventually I crawled along the floor ~ I DO remember this ~ probably stealthy sneaking up to someone on the couch (?) for some reason. Well, to this day I am reminded of "crawling on my belly like a reptile". So one must beware of their actions while participating in the partaking of Tequila shots. Obviously how ever many I had that night was "almost Too Many". I declare "almost" because I knowingly made it to my pillow before crashing.

The one thing I do notice with Tequila shots is you don't do them more than once a year. Your body must remember at least that long. Or maybe it is the part of your brain that saves you from embarrassment. After a few more events where I counted the shots to actually see how many it took to have fun, but make it to the pillow without embarrassing myself (or those around me) AND without getting to the point of forgetting how I got to my pillow. Six shots. Six was the number I came up with.

On January 1st of this year I decided to test my number. Was six REALLY the number? Was six Too Many or just enough? Could I still dance with my eyes open with more than six? Okay. Here it is: Yes, six is enough. Just ask Sandra. She and I & our husbands had just seen the Beach Boys perform at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi. John Stamos came with them and performed with them on drums & guitar.... eventually we could not remember if we were there to see John or the Beach boys (well, us and ALL the other women on hand). Sandra & I went to the lounge where there was a band afterwards ~ I predicted Stamos would come and "jam" with the band ~ and he did, much to our delight. Some of the band guys had already come in and we had danced a bit with them.... I still had my eyes open too! We shook John's hand and commented on his performance before he went onstage with the house band. I think I was pushing four at the time. Maybe six.

I remember Chuck, Sandra's husband coming to check on us. I remember Gene coming to see Stamos jamming (after I had hurriedly walked to find him at the Craps table to tell him. He claims I ran up to him). And I remember watching John Stamos leave the bar. Sandra would have to tell me the rest of the story...... I guess I knew enough that eight might just be enough because I asked for the check. Sandra said I could not sign it very legibly. And then for some reason I asked for another double Tequila shot, making it TEN total shots. Being the good friend that she was she did not deny me my request. But she did have to sign the next ticket and escort me past many a security personnel that offered a wheelchair to people in my condition....... of course I stated I did not need one each time, so she says......

Imagine the jolt I had when I awoke and the first thing in my mind was why am I hugging a pair of Gene's pj boxers and "what about the ticket at the bar"? I did not remember getting my room charge card back and signing the ticket .... what if they add a thousand dollars to it? The next thing was why can't I walk to the bathroom without wobbling around? And why am I sleeping in the same shirt I had on and where are my pants? Oh, there they are.... in the bathroom with my shoes. Hmmm.
TEN was definitely too many. In fact, according to my lack of recollection, Eight was too many. I think I'll stick to my original "six is enough" theory. And 2 Tylenol.

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