Friday, January 23

It's a Boy!

It has been a long time since I have heard the sound of a baby's heartbeat coming from a Sonogram machine, but this week I got to hear my future grandson's! I also got to watch the screen during my daughter & son-in-law's ultrasound ~ finding out with them that he was indeed a "he". We also got the report that his vital organs were operating & all seems on track with his size, etc.. What a blessing. I am so thankful to Camille and Daniel for allowing me the privilege of sharing this special Dr. visit with them. They originally had the visit scheduled for Monday and I was driving up on Tuesday to help them paint their office/spare bedroom. But when the Doctor re-scheduled for Wednesday I got the opportunity to join them. We finished painting & putting furniture back into the room and then did a little bit of shopping for baby Platt. :D

Everyone I know that is a grandparent tells me how great it will be.
I'll let you know!

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