Saturday, January 10

How Many is too many Dogs?

So.... how many IS too many? Today I ask that about dogs. We have 3 dogs living full time at our house. Another that is a "college" dog who is a part time resident. Then there are 3 more I call our "gran-dogs". When we have a family gathering there are 7 dogs and 7 people (unless extended family arrives). Does that fall under "too many dogs"? Fortunately all the dogs can come together without any bloodbaths. And so can the humans! LOL! In fact several really enjoy playing with their "cousin's". Some might say "why would you do this to yourself"? The answer ~ for the Love Of. Simple as that. Two of the gran-dogs have pedigree's, but the rest are pretty much adopted dogs. One is 15 yr. old Roxy who is losing her hearing.... her nickname is PIG due to her curly tail and well, things she would eat when she was young. Five years ago I found a local rescue was bringing in Katrina pets for Fostering so I signed up to get the old girl a friend. The friend turned out to be a Chihuahua we named Ginger and ended up adopting her so Roxy could have someone to grow old with. Ginger really turned out to be great for the Pig. Then, as my nest became empty and my last child went off to college I got this crazy urge. I saved a few rescue dogs, nursed a few sick ones and found them homes ~ one to a daughter. The craziest thing I did 2 yrs. ago was take in a momma dog and 4 puppies when the pups were 7 wks. old. I think I was looking for a "puppy fix". My college son came home and bonded quickly with one of the pups. Yes, we let him adopt him. He's the best (the dog, heehee). Eventually they all found homes with the momma going to New York! A couple of stray dogs later I was ready to hang up my rescue role for awhile when my husband saw an ad online for a teacup Chihuahua. I would not go to a breeder myself, but this little girl came from one in MS and did not look to good. A young family had bought her and changed their minds after trying to blend her into their already one dog and new baby family. So... in a way I did at least "save" her. She ~Lexi~ has been a handful but blending in nicely.... the bigger cousins LOVE to play with her and she just eggs them on! So, for now.... I think 3 or is it 7? Is enough.

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  1. I love you're "pig"! She's so sweet! And so is Ginger. I can't wait to meet lil bit! Hope all is well! I miss you guys! I got so used to seeing you guys all the time that not seeing you now is weird. Tell Gene I said "Hello...BURN!" Have a great weekend!!!! Love, Steph