Wednesday, February 25

You never stop.....

You never stop worrying about your children.

When a baby is born we parent's worry about them constantly.... First thing is counting their fingers & toes and hearing that cry. Next it is making sure they are breathing when they are sleeping. Later ~ are we causing them emotional harm by not picking them up when they cry? As our wee one grows the worry turns to strangers, running out in the street, falling off a bike or just getting their feelings hurt. Then we have to worry about riding in cars with friends as well as driving a car. We are always worrying that they don't love us..... that we were too strict or too lenient even.

Then there is the worry when they are all grown up. (Married even) I still worry about them driving in cars ~ if I hear about an accident on a highway one of my children MAY have been traveling on I call them to check on them. If they leave my company headed home, I always ask if they will please call me when they arrive ~ you never know who else is on that road. Oh, and I'm still worrying that they will get their feelings hurt!!! I guess some of the worry is the same with a new twist! And yes, someone has fallen down a flight of stairs in front of me, cut a finger bad enough to go to the emergency room, miscarried, almost broke an ankle....... All as adults. So, the worry continues ~ You just want them to be safe & happy! happy! happy!

I have three children and I plan on being their Angel of Worry forever.
Good thing Angels have help!!!

Sunday, February 15

Too many Cruises??? Nah!!

Our favorite vacation is on a cruise boat in the Caribbean. The color of this ink reflects the color of the water in the Caribbean ~ a cool, greenish blue.

I like cruises because things are planned ~ like meals. You don't have to decide where you are going to eat, what kind of food you want, worry about not getting a seat until 9:00 p.m. because it is a Friday night, etc. You just go eat ~ whether it is at the "buffet" or your assigned time and seat in dining room or room service if you choose so. No matter where you go you will get full ~ overeat actually. The bread magically appears on that little plate every time it gets empty and you somehow always eat dessert, even though at home you rarely do (at least not directly after finishing a 4 course meal). Every night you swear the next night you will skip dessert... but you don't. You say "I'm not going to eat the bread" tomorrow ..... but you do. There really is no such thing as "watching your weight" on a cruise unless you mean ~ go up!! groan. And then there are the pretty "drink of the day" calories!!! I am proud to say I only had one small one on our trip last week... and no alcohol. Memories of the Tequila challenge still coursed through my veins!!!

One fun aspect of a cruise, especially for my hubby, is the Casino. Being on a cruise means that you see the staff every night and they get to know your name, etc. You are recognized and become friends with them for a week. "Mr. Gene" was his name last week.... I was Mrs. Gene or "the boss"...... they try to be funny. Most are from other countries, so sometimes the jokes are misunderstood or just don't make sense to us. I won a few times on the slot machines, but nothing like the $1,000.00 I won on a trip a few years ago.

If you were to count the number of cruises we have been on it would add up to at least 15. With boat names like: Song of America, Majesty of the Seas, Monarch of the Seas, Enchantment, Empress (2x's), Adventure, Serenade, Voyager, Navigator and Mariner (2x's)~ all "of the Seas". Then there is the Golden Princess, Destiny and twice on the Fantasy. All were in the Caribbean except for the Golden Princess, which took us on a fantastic voyage in Alaskan waters. Even with 15 cruises to places like The Bahama's, Aruba, Barbados, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Guadeloupe, Grenada, San Juan, Venezuela, the Virgin Islands, Antigua, Curacao, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, Martinique, Turks & Caicos and Ocho Rios we still enjoy the experience of the Sun and Sea.

The cruise boats frequently go to some of the same ports we have already explored from trip to trip, so we now choose to just sleep in and go to the spa on that day. Or maybe take a ride to a beach and enjoy the sunshine there for a few hours. We have been to many of the beaches they list as the "Top 10 most beautiful beaches". We have swam with Dolphins and Stingrays and snorkeled and scuba and hiked up waterfalls and seen ancient ruins and rode on many buses.
Now we use the trips more for relaxation than exploration.

Gene wants to go on The Liberty of the Seas when we plan our next voyage.... me, I want to try one in the Mediterranean ~ for new Exploration. Don't want anyone to think we are getting too old !!!!

Fun Towel Animals appear nightly in your cabin......

Tuesday, February 3

How many suitcases can I take?

When I pack for a trip I pack both mine and Gene's stuff into the appropriate number of suitcases, which is usually 2 each. And within the required weight limit. Lately I have become confused because if you read the restrictions they are different for each "class" of passengers. While flying first class recently I read I could take 3 suitcases per person without any extra fees!? AND they could weigh more than the usual 50 lb. limit! Sounds like if you PAY more you can TAKE more. Some airlines now charge for the second bag while others do not. Nothing is the same. So, next time you fly to your destination be sure to check the baggage rules so you don't have any surprises when checking in.... like having to have cash to pay for that extra piece or heavy bag!!