Sunday, March 1

"Let it snow, Let is snow, Let it SNOW"

I tried to publish this in white text, but I could not see what I was writing!! White like the snow that blankets my cars, trees, yard, etc. We had quite the show. Now the sun is trying to shine through the clouds a bit and things are starting to melt some. But our back deck still has about 5 1/2 inches piled up on it. It appears that the roads were never closed, but when we first got up they were covered with the white stuff. Ginger & Lexi were not real adventurous when it came to going out in it today, but Roxy ran right out and down the stairs to the yard, etc.... Ginger finally followed her once so she could potty. Lexi used a "puppy pad".

This was our first snowfall without children at home. We have had a nice calm morning.... I made french toast for breakfast and chili & cornbread for lunch. Gene brought in firewood and started a fire. I guess I miss the excitement of the kids and them playing in the snow, making snowmen, trying to slide down the street..... but I do not miss the whines about how cold their hands are, trying to dry out all the wet clothes, and nursing those that fell and bumped their heads. I cherish the memories, but you know ~ I can get to used to this calm.

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