Sunday, April 26

No wonder I shop online

I had TWO coupons for my local JCP store, each worth TEN dollars!! Each with expiration dates that would surely come before I could use them if I did not just go today and use them. Gene could use a new pair of black dress shoes ~ shoes I exclusively buy at JCP. So, I figured I would pop in and get him some shoes and use my two coupons. It started so easily. The girl I approached in the shoe dept. went to the back to check for a size 8 in the shoe sample I presented her with. Yes, one pair left.... Yea!! And both coupons worked for my discount! Another YEA! That was so quick I trotted over to the ladies dept and picked me up a couple of shirts, paid for them and headed to the car. It was a gorgeous day and I wanted to get home and enjoy some of the sunshine. As I was putting my items on the trunk I decided to double check Gene's shoes, since I would be sending them with him on a trip to D.C. the next day. WRONG STYLE. I had even mentioned the style name to the girl at the counter, not to mention showing her a sample shoe!! I took the shoes back in and hoped I could just easily exchange them. WRONG AGAIN. None in has size. gggrrrr. The person helping me this time was able to void the transaction and return my coupons to me.... but now I could have used them on MY items. Back to the trunk I go to get the other bag. Back to the ladies dept. I go ~ to get a refund and re-ring up my shirts... oh, and let's not forget to TAKE OFF the alarm sensor this time please. I beeped coming back in the store!! sigh. She was nice about the refund and all, but what happened to nicely folding your clothes before stuffing them into a sack???

Lesson learned? Check in the box of shoes before leaving... sort of like making sure you got the right order at McDonald's, huh?

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