Tuesday, May 5

Clean Sweep

Okay, if I went through everything before packing it up how come I still have so much crap? I did like they do on t.v., only I GAVE away instead of having a garage sale. I despise the work involved in getting a garage sale ready. Once I actually gave my stuff to my daughter and told her to keep the money for her trouble. Now my new motto is: "Just pack it up and take it to Peggy's"! She does garage sales as fundraisers for charities!! How awesome is that? Got stuff? Drop it at Peggy's!

When one does not move from their dwelling for 24 yrs. they have to depend on Spring Cleaning and company coming to clear out items you don't use or need. I used remodeling as my catalyst. Two years ago I did one floor of the house, now we are on the second (and last). In between I moved my mother from her 17yrs in a townhouse apt. to a nice home (that was the ultimate test of clean sweep). I am terrified that when my POD comes back with the downstairs "stuff" I will have more crap issues.

Life has had many changes at our house over the past 9 yrs ~ since my girl's went to college & drug stuff back and forth each year ~ then got married. Then my son had the run of the downstairs so to speak. Then he went to college. I think our decision to remodel the area is a good one. The space will show a more mature look for our now grown children to come back to...... it was they who told my husband and I "don't move ~ this is our home". And we listened. But I couldn't get them to take our crap.

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