Sunday, June 14


No, there is no Alien involved here.

Just a giant box with lots of our c**p stored in it somewhere locally. Sadly, it is time for it all to return home. Luckily we have a phone number of a company called "Motivated Movers"... certainly money is their motivation. These guys come to your location and will help you move your stuff.... in or out (they kindly moved it out back in March). I am glad they have the motivation because I cannot fathom dragging all that furniture and boxes out of the POD and back into the downstairs myself. Fortunately, for now, I have open space in my den to pile some of the boxes so that I may go back through them and try to clean sweep a bit more. Unfortunately my garage is no help for storing the leftovers.

While waiting for Tuesday ~ the day of the POD ~ I am contemplating what furniture will go where. Even which bedroom will be set aside for guests and which one Daniel will occupy when he is at home. That is a huge deal for me. Because I also have to make sure he has a closet that is not full of our winter or "I'm going to wear it again someday" clothes. A close friend of mine came into my home last week and eyed the clothes that had been brought upstairs from the downstairs closets so the carpet could be laid and her comments made me realize that I have way too many "I'm going to wear it again someday" clothes. She "used" to have a dress like that..... and "I've never seen so many clothes"... hmmm..... time to find a good charity.

Speaking of charity, that is what I really do need to find. One that is going to give your items to those in need instead of selling them at their version of the "Thrift" store. I hear the employees get first dibs, so who am I really helping? I know... the money goes to.... but what if is something specific that someone could use ~ in great condition? I'm going to send out an email to some friends and see who does that. A local church does some of that and I always donate clothing there, as well as twin beds that had a home before they even came to pick them up in the past.

When I think I have it all figured out there is another variable thrown in. Daniel graduates from the University of Alabama August 8th and there will some things from his house that will need a place too. Here? Storage? Garage? I've got until August 7th to figure that out!!

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