Tuesday, June 16

To Cook or Not to Cook

In our house I have never had to be a chef to please my husband. He has simple tastes. So simple that I never have to chop, cut, fold or stir fry anything. Give him a hamburger patty with cheese on top and a side of baked beans (from a can even) and he is fine. As we have become empty nest-er's and Gene has been busier with meetings at nights, we have eaten out a lot over the past 4 years. I think that has made my pallet a lot happier ~ I can choose from a menu of items Gene would never eat. Fish has never been an option..... well, unless it was Gordon's fish sticks and mac'n cheese. But now I can choose seafood's and salad's and he can enjoy more flavorful things like ribs and crab claws (that does not count as a fish). It also gives us time to eat & visit with friends in the same situation.

When we want to eat at home I can now go to one of my two very favorite place's and get "home cooked" meals without cooking! Just drive home & pop it in the oven!! If you are local, I suggest checking out Ashley Mac's ~ don't forget the brownie (to die for). They have 2 storefronts, one in Bluff Park and one in Cahaba Heights, but they also cater & ship all over. Just walk in and pick up a delicious frozen meal, rolls & dessert. Instructions are on each item & you can cook them frozen or thawed. I love the Poppy Seed Chicken & Bar-B-Q Meatloaf, while Gene favors the Beef Stroganoff and Beef Enchilada's. http://www.ashleymacs.com/about.html

I cannot forget to mention my other favorite for dinners and desserts and catering ~ not far from Hoover you will find the town of Helena, where Kay has a daily menu (Mon.- Fri.) that changes weekly. You simply call in or e-mail your order for the meal of the day by 10:00 a.m. and you can go by and pick it up after 3:00 p.m. that day. If you want something different you just give her 2 days and she will have your special order cooked and ready for pick up too. Sign up for Kay's weekly email letter & you will always know the menu for the week and it gives me a reminder that she has lots of other things I might like ~ tailgating items, desserts.

I used to drive to Kay's house, but now she has a setup where you actually "drive through" and pick up your order!! http://www.homeplatecooking.com/contact.htm

So, with three terrific options why cook?

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