Thursday, July 9

One is enough... at least for now!

Most of you already know that one week ago I became a grandmother ~ a Nana (NOT like ba-nana but sounding like "na na na na hey hey hey goodbye"). Many of you have already experienced this wonderful event in your lives. I've been planning for "grandbabies" for sometime now.... picking up cute books or little blankies that were on sale, etc. well before any of my children were even considering being pregnant. Then the announcement came last December that our first was on the way! In January I got to be at the sonogram that then told us that "it" was a HE. One more piece of excitement. Periodically we got pictures of him in utero via sonograms, including one that was 4-D!! I think that this awesome technology added to the could share pictures with other family and friends and they could see what you were talking about and be excited with you! Wow.

Throughout Camille's pregnancy the ultimate thrill for us was feeling the baby move ~ Gene even got a chance to feel him. Such a miracle. The Stork Doctor scheduled Camille for an induction two weeks early, on July 1st, due to her on again off again contraction issues and the fact that the baby was probably going to be between 6 & 7 lbs., which meant there was less worries of any premature problems (he also had steroid shots for his lungs to mature back in May). Gene & I drove to Chattanooga, as did both of Daniel's parents and one brother. While we were not present in the room when Aaron was actually born we did get to go in and out for a good bit of the day. Gene even cat-napped in the chair while Camille napped that afternoon!

Finally at 6:12 p.m. (est) on July 1st, 2009, Aaron James Platt was born into this world weighing 7lbs. 4oz., and 19 1/2" long. Within 30 min. of his birth we were privileged to go back to the birthing room and meet him. It took our breath away to see our daughter holding her own child. Just a most awesome moment. Everyone got a turn to hold him and pictures were snapped ~ capturing that moment forever. No one could stop smiling!! Little Aaron just looked all around at everyone with the brightest little eyes..... hard to imagine he was still inside Camille just 40 min. before.
Well, I have edited this post so many times now I think it is time to publish. It was hard to express in WORDS just how I FELT, but I just know this ~ he was Wonderfully Made.....
bye for now!

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