Tuesday, August 11

Never TOO many good ones

Last night I had dinner with two high school friends.
Last week I joined a group of friends that were in the Mother's of Twins Club with me 27 years ago.
Today I have a "spa day" with a friend that I've known for 30 years.
You can never have TOO MANY good friends

One thing I have noticed is how they each fill a different place in my heart, my soul, my mind. You can be apart for YEARS and then just pick up and talk the night / day away, as if we just spoke yesterday. That is a good friend. One that
does not demand your presence in every way, but one that embraces you and what you have to share when you come together. And shares back.

I love the perspective we can give one another. From the heart, but honest. Honest advice, honest questions. Not afraid of being honest. No middle school crying about how "she won't like me". No DRAMA except our own.

There is a sad part of friendships too. When they seem to drift away.... where the only glue holding you together was the event you were mutually involved in. Then they become acquaintance's. You still have this tug at your heart when you see them, but nothing that really pulls you back in. For a time I yearned for some of these friends ~ but then I learned to take what they "gave" to me and let it become part of me. Like "letting your light shine through me". Feeling blessed to have had that time to know their spirit.

Hugs to ALL my friends!!

Saturday, August 8

Too early

It is early.
I am hungry.
Fortunately Aaron is not.
He is sleeping in the next room.

I awoke at 5:19 a.m. to my grandson's cries ~ his mom was up with him, had finished breastfeeding him & was trying to console him.
It was weird, but I felt like my womb actually ached to those cries as I awoke.
Is that possible? I am in menses....

Aaron is having some "colic" issues.... or better described as "what did momma eat" issues.
Aaron was responding well to a tummy massage, but it seems that this once quiet voice has found itself!! At just 5 1/2 weeks he has become quite vocal when he does not get his meals when requested or has the dreaded gas bubble. Even hiccups make him mad!

When it appeared Aaron was just tired and trying to "let go" I offered to take him upstairs with me and do whatever it took to calm him and help him fall asleep (thus allowing momma Camille a chance to go back to bed). Luckily I had found a position he liked that helped and he quickly quieted down.

Watching my grandson fall asleep is priceless.
The facial expressions should be videotaped.
The smiles, frowns, eyes rolling, etc. are just precious to watch.
I must have been so tired with my own children that I had my eyes closed and did not get to enjoy this special moment with them. Or maybe I did and sleep deprivation kept me from remembering.
Ah, there is one of those "joys of being a grandparent". Sleep.

Having experienced colic with my own son almost 23 years ago, I came to town somewhat mentally prepared to help my daughter and son-in-law. Funny how the little "tricks" stay with you ~ a special way to rub that tummy or hold them. The not so funny part is that sometimes no matter how hard you try the tricks don't work.

Together we did it. He must have been de-gased, because he let go and went to sleep. When his breathing finally slowed down and he did not need his paci, I laid him in the crib.
It has been 30 minutes now and he is still resting.
I was too hungry to go back to sleep.
Time to take a peek at that sleeping boy... just to make sure... just like his momma would.
I'll eat when my shift is over.