Thursday, September 10

Night of the Police

Last night, while I'm in line to purchase some baby Halloween items for Aaron at our local T.J. Maxx store, I suddenly see two policemen bust through the doors. One stands by the front door and the other starts searching the store, dressing room, etc. I call Gene because he has a scanner and might have heard something. Plus I recognize one of the policeman. Gene tells me why they are there.... shoplifter's. I wave hello to my familiar po-po and he gives me a "hello, Mrs. Smith & a smile" and keeps on searching. Meanwhile, I'm the last customer in line as they are closing and the person in front of me is definately moving slow. Ah, guess why?
How about SHE was the person they were looking for!! Turns out she had spoken to the person (a.k.a. was with the person) that had been pushing a cart in the parking lot with clothes in it.... without a receipt.  I finally finish checking out and there is Gene in the parking lot. He said the police thought maybe MY car was involved at first, since it was one of the last in front of the store, and had blocked it in until he got there and explained it was ours. Not all that scarey, but definately some drama for my night.

Gene had some drama of his own. When I called him on his cell to see why the police were at T.J.Maxx he was outside the new gun store talking with ~ get this ~ the father to the police officer I had waved at. Okay. The two are standing there talking before my call and notice a car in their parking lot with about 3 men in it. Seem to be just watching them. And maybe the store?  The car slowly comes near them..... Daddy po-po (he is a retired police officer) is ready to show some "heat" and Gene is ready to go for his!! The men used "looking for a club" as their excuse to approach. As the car left to head towards Birmingham as instructed, daddy po-po calls his son (who is on duty as we know) to try and follow them and stop them for questioning or something.  When they can't locate the car again, they get the T.J. Maxx call and speed up the street to where I am. ??????? How weird it that? Gene knew I was there so he and daddy po-po followed.

I was just a bit surprised to walk out of the store and see Gene & daddy po-po standing by their cars smiling at me.  So, somehow our lives intertwined even in crime!!

But, I had a receipt.

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