Sunday, September 6

You can never have TOO many pictures......

So ~ It took 80 something shots to get just a few of Aaron (8 weeks) smiling. And they were all worth it. Hey, with digital camera's they are technically free. Well, as long as you don't have to divide the number of good shots by the cost of the camera. And the lens. And the super zoom lens. And the lens covers. And the super 2.0mg scan disk card. And the bag I have yet to buy. Okay, at least you don't have to pay for printing of the "bad" ones. You can keep them to view on the computer or cd and just print the bestest ones. I won't get into how printing your own at home are free too, 'cause we all know how much those ink cartridges cost!! (I am currently out of yellow and cannot print)

I've always loved taking pictures. When our children were born I was like a photo journalist - before I knew what one was. The albums were storybooks of daily activities, "firsts" and special occasion's. If there were 4 pictures to a page they all had to be from the same activity. And the cute sayings... oh my. I had to add those too.

Sadly, the photo albums got scarce when everyone started school. Time was one reason. Coming and going with carpooling elementary age kids and a mother's day out child kept me from the long days at home "with the kids" looking for an outlet. When you finally had them all home with you and the camera ready, you would have at least one child saying "DON"T take my picture" every time you started to shoot. sigh. Oh, we have the big events in mass.... Christmas, Easter egg hunts at grandma's, family photo's with great grandparents and such.... but the playful ones were always (and still are) my favorite.

I guess the other interruption for picture taking was the video camera. One cannot do both at the same time. We had one or the other. With mom doing most of the shooting ~ meaning.... was mom even there??? With no pictures of her how do we know? I smile. I'm sure I didn't want my picture taken either!!

Now I have a new subject to shoot.... a grandson. I am going to take my new camera to "camera school" starting in October (that is when they start the new beginner class). Being a visual person has made it hard for me to learn from a manual. We have friends that are in the photography business and I am jealous of what I see. It is like I too can "see" it that way, but I don't know how to make the camera do it. So, I am officially calling it ~ I'm going back to school!! LOL

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