Wednesday, October 21

TOO many dog toys ?

Okay, I'm a pet person.
My current situation has 3 dogs living here.
I also have 4 "gran-dogs", one of which lives here sometimes.
I've fostered a number of dogs and found them homes. 
Dogs are my favorite pet. Ferret's are next, but they like to sneak out open doors to the neighbors yard, causing a slight panic for me, so we have agreed "no more ferrets" (for now).

With all the different dogs in the family I try to buy them special things to play with..... they get so giddy when you bring them a new "baby"!! They will take it and run off with it, wagging that tail and almost skipping away! 
So, you can see, with all the excitement it causes, how gratifying it is to bring new toys home to the pack. I would even mail packages to my farther away gran-dogs, but Fuzz has become an issue at their house since they destroy every toy they get. 

So, check out my picture and you decide. 

Hmmmm, After seeing my own picture I think we will donate some a BUNCH of them to the "less fortunate" dogs that do not have permanant homes with mommies & daddies to spoil them. WOOF to that!  

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  1. send some up to chattanooga. i can't stand how bored my dogs are. i'll pick up the fluff.