Wednesday, October 21

Way Too Much "Fuzzy Stuff"

A recent trip up north caused me to have to pack some winter sweaters for layering.  The temp's were going to be in the low 40's. Throw in some rain and woa!! Cold!!  Before I even left home I had to get a lint roller out for my black wool coat (dog hair).  I decided to pack that goofy, sticky thing..... it is the kind with masking tape wrapped around it & you peel it off to reveal a new stickier piece....... figuring I might need it again for my coat. 

My sweater choice for the plane ride up was last year's blue sweater....... soft & cozy, but not too hot. I did not wear my coat on the plane, so I did not notice any issues with this particular sweater right away.  But, once I pulled the coat out of my bag & put it on, things got Fuzzy!!

I shed on EVERYTHING. The coat, my jeans &  BOTH of the car seats, since I shared driving with my sister. I spent more than a few minutes rolling those seats and my coat the next day!! 

Another day I pulled out a new grey sweater to wear to the church Mass that we attended in memory of our Grandmother who passed in March.  It was nice and warm for that 41 degree morning ~ still some rain & sleet ~ and winds from Lake Michigan.  But, once again the Fuzz started to fly!!  Thankfully the layering kept me from putting on the coat & having to clean it again, but the car seats did not get any reprive. The next morning we had TWO lint rollers going!!

So, why all the shedding??
When I got back home I checked the labels on those Fuzzy sweaters.
The common thread was Angora. 
Ah, that explained the softness..... but somewhere there are some very cold rabbits.

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