Monday, December 28

I am so thankful for all the effort my family put in to make Christmas happen at our house!! Thankful for those that had to drive many miles, those that juggled work schedules and those that came early to make sure I was ready! And not to leave out the one who worked so hard to provide me with the funds to spoil everyone!!

We missed Aunt Meg this year. She loves Christmas and her spirit was definately missed. Along with her big smile and funny Christmasy hat! She and dad have spent the last 5 Christmas "day" gatherings at our house since the passing of my mother-in=law Elaine. Now there is someone I miss.

Elaine somehow managed to have 16 stockings full of goodies, presents and Food for us all. I have been blaming my lack of readiness on too much travel. But in reality.... she was just a master. There is no way anyone else in our family could pull that off today. I must not compare. Just remember in awe....

Grandson Aaron, at almost 6 months, was interested in things, but not quite old enough yet to understand. Next year will be interesting..... or wild!! We will have Christmas Day custody of the married folks, so it will feel a bit more "Christmasy" having people wake up with us on Christmas day!! I am putting a "no travel" except for an SEC Championship game, for the months of Novemeber/December 2010, so I can be home and be more prepared. It's been about 3 or 4 years since of sent Christmas cards!!

Time to break out the vacuum cleaner ~ with attachements ~ to get up all the tree needles..... love the smell of a real tree, but starting to think seriously about an artificial one.

New Year Blessings to all my friends, family and those who are struggling.

Saturday, December 26

It is not Christmas yet

We have to wait this year. Gene says "we don't have custody this year".
This year was the in-laws turn for Christmas day for our married children.
Soon our family will be together to share gifts, laughter, food and hugs.
But we must wait.
It is almost like a "free day", the 25th, Christmas Day.
An extra day for cleaning and wrapping.
And that is exactly what happened.
Throw in some cooking and baking too.
But I must not take the credit.
Fortunately, but unfortunately, our daughter Candace & son-in-law Corey had to postpone their trip to see his family for a week due to his mom being sick. I say fortunately because I benefited GREATLY.  Unfortunate that Carol has bronchitis.
I welcomed their eagerness to come over and spend time with us....
What I did not know was they had a plan.
The plan was ~ CLEAN UP!! WRAP!! COOK!!
I was hustled from room to room and back again all afternoon.
They wrapped just about everything as I presented the items to them.
Watching the scene I wondered what happened to "we don't want a lot of "stuff" comments" I had heard the months preceding Christmas.
Maybe it is just due to the number of people I bought gifts for.
OOPS, I just remembered I still have 2 gifts to wrap on my own before I can go to bed, and it is late.
But then there are the stockings.
Having taken a lesson in stocking stuffing from my mother-in-law, (who, sadly, has passed) it is an art in itself.... searching all year for interesting things to place in those fabric hanging things, with some items too big to fit inside and having to be placed upon the fireplace mantle.
Decorating was minimal this year.
Way too many trips away from home to spend the needed time preparing this year.
Next year, I always say........ I'm going to be ready Thanksgiving weekend, so I can enjoy the holiday more. Invite friends over.
Have a hot chocolate party.
Meanwhile, I wait for THIS day after Christmas gathering.