Wednesday, February 17

Too Many Dishes

This is not a post about the dirty dishes that many times clutter my counter top before finding their way into the dishwasher. This is a post about the CHOICES of dishes in my cabinets. I realize that you can only eat off of one plate at a time. And many people do not even have a complete set of dishes. But, I get these obsessions sometimes. I'll find something I like. Then I want to find more of what I like. Oh, and then I find a way to GET more of what I am liking. Before anyone can say STOP I have all that I can find in what I like.

I cannot show you my Christmas dishes, yes... set of 12...with bowls... soup AND cereal ones... salad plates.... dessert plates.... platter... serving bowl... ramekins.... and maybe other items. They are packed tight in a lower cabinet.

But I can show you my Halloween pieces...  fun snack stuff!!
Then there are the colorful dishes I like to use when I have 8 or less for dinner, and were purchased to replace my older blue & white Plaltzgraf mega set, but the plates do not fit well in the dishwasher for everyday use. But they look good on the table, mixing up the colors at each place. Luckily for space, they do not make too many accessory pieces. But then... Pier 1 did have a clearance on some dark orange serving pieces ~ some with colorful edges.... so I am good.

Another set has  flowers around the edges ~ Not really my decor since remodeling, but I went nuts with this set, so I am stuck with it. (for now) This set stacks well  in the dishwasher & I have plenty of pieces to break and still have enough for a crowd!!

I can thank my local Homegoods store and ebay for these.

I almost forgot ~ my violet dishes. My mom gave me a small set that she got from Avon years ago.... This is actually just a "luncheon" set. Beautiful clear glass pieces with hand painted purple & pink violets on them. Luncheon plates, bowls, small glasses to drink from and pitchers. The problem with this lovely set is that it was only for four people. If I was going to go to the trouble to entertain for lunch it would certainly be for more than 4 I thought!! And if I had even more pieces I could even host a small party with them..... yes... ebay helped me find even MORE pieces. So, if you live in town and ever need me to host a quaint 24 person luncheon ~ I can do it!!

Monday, February 15


  • thankful the roads were clear to drive to Chattanooga from Hoover Friday
  • thankful for the beautiful snow laden trees along the highway to watch while driving there
  • thankful for the opportunity to see my daughter, son-in-law and grandson
  • thankful for time spent with family
  • thankful for all the smiles and the laughter heard from grandson Aaron
  • thankful for being able to help by giving my gran-dogs a much needed shower/bath
  • thankful for the pictures my camera takes of the beautiful sites and faces
  • thankful my daughter offered to babysit my 3 dogs even though it was for more than 24 hrs.
  • thankful for the opportunity to sit on the bed with my laptop and write a blog at 10:06 a.m..
  • thankful for friends who invite you to dinner so you don't have to cook
  • thankful for my valentine, who loves me back

Monday, February 8

Six : Ten

When my eyes opened it was dark in the room.
I was in bed.
Odin, my son's dog was walking on me.
I looked over at my alarm clock and it said 6:10.

My mind starting thinking.....
Where is Gene? Why is he not in bed? It is too early for him to be up.
Did he sleep in the recliner all night? Is he alright?

Then I thought of my son Daniel.
Did he come home last night? He always calls Odin down to sleep in his room when he gets in.
And I did not remember hearing the alarm on the door beep.
I got up and looked in the driveway for his truck. No truck.

I walked out into the den, where I found Gene in the recliner.
Watching t.v......
I smell food cooking & remember I had put dinner in the crock pot. 
Then I remember we never ate it.
Standing there looking at the T.V. I notice that the Super Bowl game is on.
Oh... it is 6:10 p.m. NOT 6:10 a.m. !
Explains a lot.

Wednesday, February 3

Peace in the family

I now know what Peace feels like.
There is a relief that flows through you..... a smile comes easier.... footsteps a bit lighter.
After 2 yrs of a heavy heart, I got some Peace for my birthday.
Two people I love dearly 'mended fences'.
I wiped a tear away and smiled when I heard the news.
Sadly, you cannot retrieve the years lost, but I am joyous about the future.
Three words.
That is all it took.
My three words in response are: Thank You Both

Monday, February 1

Blessings of a Sunrise

It felt too early.
Light was just beginning to peek through the curtains in my room.
Within the light I caught a glimpse of color.
Memories of other early risings cause me to hurry out of bed and rush to pick up my camera.
I am in time to see it.
That glorious moment when God's earth makes her turn ......
'CLICK', another 'CLICK'. And another.
And then it is true morning.
It only lasts a few moments in time....
That time when there is just a glimmer of the sun to when the sun is whole again in my eyes.  
I've captured another one.
I thank HIM for this blessing of daylight seen in all HIS glory.
Thankful that I am able to witness this miracle from my back deck.
Even if my feet are cold.
Witness to another Sunrise......