Monday, February 1

Blessings of a Sunrise

It felt too early.
Light was just beginning to peek through the curtains in my room.
Within the light I caught a glimpse of color.
Memories of other early risings cause me to hurry out of bed and rush to pick up my camera.
I am in time to see it.
That glorious moment when God's earth makes her turn ......
'CLICK', another 'CLICK'. And another.
And then it is true morning.
It only lasts a few moments in time....
That time when there is just a glimmer of the sun to when the sun is whole again in my eyes.  
I've captured another one.
I thank HIM for this blessing of daylight seen in all HIS glory.
Thankful that I am able to witness this miracle from my back deck.
Even if my feet are cold.
Witness to another Sunrise......

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