Monday, February 8

Six : Ten

When my eyes opened it was dark in the room.
I was in bed.
Odin, my son's dog was walking on me.
I looked over at my alarm clock and it said 6:10.

My mind starting thinking.....
Where is Gene? Why is he not in bed? It is too early for him to be up.
Did he sleep in the recliner all night? Is he alright?

Then I thought of my son Daniel.
Did he come home last night? He always calls Odin down to sleep in his room when he gets in.
And I did not remember hearing the alarm on the door beep.
I got up and looked in the driveway for his truck. No truck.

I walked out into the den, where I found Gene in the recliner.
Watching t.v......
I smell food cooking & remember I had put dinner in the crock pot. 
Then I remember we never ate it.
Standing there looking at the T.V. I notice that the Super Bowl game is on.
Oh... it is 6:10 p.m. NOT 6:10 a.m. !
Explains a lot.

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