Tuesday, March 30

They are still ALIVE

Plants. Flowers. Dirt. Dirt in fingernails.

I LOVE to buy new flowering plants.
They look so colorful and cheerful at the garden shops.
I am not the creative type so I usually buy what I see already put together.
Or just one big plant.
In October one of my BFF's and I went shopping for the ultimate in winter plants.
I walked up and down the isle trying to decide what colors to get.... being careful not to fill my pots with colors of opposing college football teams. That can be quite difficult. Purple & Yellow? LSU. Orange & white? Tennessee. Ah..... there they are.... crimson pansies and white pansies... now that would be pretty together (Roll Tide). HA!
I did buy some of all those colors though. Afterall, it was fall & the orange ones would look good in a pumpkin shaped planter I had. I went home full of excitement to have my deck adorned with lovely flowers for the fall/winter.
Problem. They never got planted. Well, I did plant a plant I picked up to add to a big pot I had.
But not the pansies. I set them on top of  planter's intended for them and procrastinated.
Poor things, they sat through the cold of winter and a couple of snow showers in their flimsy plastic beds.
Surprisingly, regardless of their neglect, some of them have been blooming.

Fast forward 5 months. 
They are now planted!!! 
I am so excited to step out and see their cute faces!!

Hmmm..... wonder what the garden shop has for spring planting???
Anyone want to go shopping?

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