Sunday, May 23

It is just a FOUR letter word

D. I. E. T. . .. .  a FOUR letter word.

D. is for Dreading the preparing of foods
I.  is for 'I' need the change in my life
E. is for Everyone benefits
T. is for Tomorrow begins the change

I know, I know, why not today ~ or yesterday, why WAIT until tomorrow?
Well, that is another four letter word, that slows me down.
But the real is answer is that I DREAD the preparing of foods.
If I do not have the foods necessary for good health on hand I will FAIL.
Another four letter word, that freezes me and keeps me DOWN.
The TIME for change is now tomorrow.

I've got to MOVE.
More movement in my day.
LESS excuses!!
MORE exercise.
Ask for HELP from friends and have them JOIN me.
Tomorrow - after I go to the grocery store and prepare.
For REAL !!!!

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