Sunday, June 13

What I Like About YOU

The toothy smile.
The wisps of hair that rest upon your forehead.
The burst of laughter when something is funny (showing that toothy grin).
The pointer finger outstretched to "touch" EVERYTHING.
The word "touch" that tumbles out of your mouth, sounding very much like the word touch.
The obsession with lamps and lights and how they go 'on' and 'off'.
The other obsession with the opening and closing of ANYTHING (with your hands).
The love between a child and his mother.
The early love of books.
The thrill of learning to walk.
The fun of 'splash, splash'.
The wet open kisses given freely.
The long, lean body like your father.
The name given to you with such care and thought.
The early morning Skype sessions.
The never ending dreams for the future.

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