Friday, August 20

They keep asking me "How do you Feel about it"?

Our daughter, Candace, and her husband, Corey, are moving. Selling their house and moving. Moving to another STATE. To a state that is not consider in the South. A winter Snow state. A Northern State. They are moving to ~ Michigan. Here is her qoute from her blog:

"Corey has accepted a position as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Michigan and we are super excited! He will start the new job sometime this October. We spent this past Sunday through Tuesday in Ann Arbor and loved the historical, artsy, small town feel it has."
Her dad, my hubby, is not a happy camper. But then, this is not about him. Or me. And how we feel. Heck, we are the parents of a woman who will be far away from our protective wings. How DO you think we feel? Scared.
I decided the day after I got the news that I would just conquer my fear by putting on my excited face and check out Ann Arbor, Michigan with them! Candace and I have booked plane reservations and a hotel for 2 nights at the end of the month in Ann Arbor to scope out the area for housing and for her to do job interviews. Between photo's and video's, we hope to bring back some solid choices for her & Corey to mull over. 
I'm ready for the Adventure!!

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