Friday, September 3

Ask me NOW....

If you were to ask me how I feel about Candace & Corey moving so far away NOW ~ I would tell you that I am no longer scared. She and I spent 4 nights and days in Ann Arbor this week, which was time for me to get the feel of the city and drive around lost, but find my way. She will be able to do the same. Together we GPS'd and sometimes drove in circles, but we always found our way!!

Ann Arbor has a downtown area that is bustling ~ restaurants, a cupcake store, shops, etc.. We had time to visit some of them. The University of Michigan's campus is just on the edge of downtown, so many a lot of the homes in the area are full of students. If you recall from my last blog, Corey has a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University. He already has his Michigan shirt, and is ready to be part of the game day experience! (he and Candace went to Birmingham Southern before there was a football team)

Candace & I took our research and went on an apartment/condo/something rental hunt for 3 days. There were moments of claustrophobia, general 'ick', and the dreaded "No Pets". Then times of 'I like this one... no, this one..& I want THIS one!" But, with her list of 'wants' and "'can live without", she finally felt that she choose the apartment that was the best for them at this time in their lives. The apartment is only 2 miles from campus (Corey's job), and blocks away from her new job. (mommas happy) They have two bedrooms & two bathrooms, with a full size washer/dryer included. Corey can have his grill on the back deck (after all, he IS the cook in the family), and Candace got a gas Fireplace for those cold winter days. Because of the snow in Michigan, most places, including theirs, also offer covered parking for one car. She had to give up the hardwood floors for this move, but the lease is only for 9 months, so they hope to upgrade a bit on their next move if possible. The best part of all.... PETS are allowed. Well, they do make you PAY for their presence, but you do what you have to do to keep your 'family' together!! As an added plus ~ the complex provides breakfast at the clubhouse M-F?? True!! Various breakfast items that may change from day to day, but F-R-E-E Food.

Our trip also included job interviews for Candace. As you read above ~ she came away with a job offer and accepted it (Teller Supervisor with Key Bank). We were actually at the airport when she got the call :)  Nice wrap up to the trip.
We women got it done!!!!

Now comes the garage sale & packing. Ummm... sorry, mom is going to busy on those days.

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