Tuesday, November 9

Time for a Christmas adjustment

Gene & I are at a crossroads. This year, for the first time in our life together, we will be by ourselves (totally) on Christmas Eve/Day. The year started out with hopes of our traditional family gathering ~ all our children, husbands, girlfriend, sister-in-law, pawpaw and my mom ~ with the added joy of Aaron, now 17 mo.old.

Everyone gets a stocking.
Everyone gets gifts, some asked for some not.
We enjoy one big meal during the day,
There are usually toys for all the adult boys to play with ~ one year remote control cars, last year helicopters.

The last few years we have had to adjust the exact date of the gathering due to work schedules & in-law schedules, but just by a couple days at the most.  This year part of our family moved to Michigan. New jobs. No extra days off. Christmas Day is on a Saturday ~ not Monday off, not Friday off. No time to fly and be here for a gathering. Our son, has found his way to Colorado. We are uncertain of his plans & work schedule now. Given 2 out of three of our children would possibly not be here, it seemed unfair to ask baby momma (pregnant) & hubby to drag 18 mo. old Aaron and all his stuff & gifts to our house.

I / we know we have been blessed to have our fold close by during this special time of year.
This year will be different, yes. But each year may be different for many years to come. Gene & I had become creatures of habit and tradition. Now we will have to adjust our lives accordingly, even if sadly.

Gene decided we would start the adjustment by running away this year! He and I are going to spend Christmas at Disneyworld. Yes. With Mickey & friends. We will still go to Chattanooga to see the family there ~ just not on Christmas Eve or Day. We will still make a trip to Michigan to share some time with family there ~ just not on Christmas Eve or Day. We will still share the love with family here in Alabama too ~ just..... you get it.

We are excited about the adventure, and maybe in the future everyone else can join us on a Family Christmas trip somewhere!!

To help with the Christmas spirit, I am told that we can order a christmas tree, complete with ornaments.
And Gene found the best room on the property ~ one with a view of the Magic Kingdom. That means each night we can watch Tinkerbell slide down from the castle and then the Fireworks, all from our room!! Thank you Gene!! Can't wait!!

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