Sunday, March 20


I enjoy reading blogs.
Family members write and post pictures and I feel like I am connected with them. Strangers write blogs that give me a peek into their world of parenting, family and Faith.
Other's have jobs or hobbies that interest me.
Reading other's blogs is like having friends I've never met, but know so much about! They are open and honest when writing about their lives.
I love that about them.
I am much the same.

I also like writing my blog.
Lately I have not had the concentration to write.
I have had plenty I could have written about. And am dissappointed that I did not document the times. It is so much harder to write about something that happened in the past than the present. You loose a lot of emotion.

So, excuse me while I find some quiet time to schedule in some blogging. I promise it will be from the heart and as honest as it can be without hurting anyone I care about!!

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