Sunday, April 10

It's time to get up somewhere.....

The clock on my nightstand says 4:02. A.M..
I have my the laptop in my lap and I am munching on M & M's. Seems that when you are up so 'late' or 'early' your stomach is ready for food of any kind. Where is an almost ripe banana when I need one?

Usually I reserve this time of the day/night for sleeping or trying to get to the airport on time for an early morning flight. But not lately. Though according to my iPhone blinging at me with status updates on people I commented on earlier, there are other sleepless people up too. Each of us with our own reasons.

My reason today, is Lexi, our 3yr. old chihuahua.  Lexi occasionally has seizures. Actually I am not sure how often she has them, because there are times I am gone all day. But, most times I am awakened in the night by her tiny body shaking (she is usually under the covers next to one of us). I take her stiffening body and hold her close to me, wiping away the foam from her mouth until she sighs ~ a sigh of relief. She will then go outside and potty and crash back in bed. Tonite was different.

Lexi's seizures can be less than a minute and mild or longer and a bit more intense. Tonite it was intense AND lasted 2-3 minutes. She kept trying to climb out of my arms as she was was coming out of it so I put her down and she walked in circles.... then she walked all over the front yard instead of just doing her thing and coming back inside. I was drying her tummy off from the dew on the grass when she seized again! Poor baby!!! 

I have tried and tried to find some explanation (other than epilepsy) for her seizures. From food changes to weather issues, but nothing seems to be an actual trigger.  Her Vet says they are probably epileptic seizures that appear just before a puppy is 2yrs. old (yes that is when they started).  As long as she did not have them frequently or more than one in a day, she would be okay. Unfortunately the only thing he could do for her then would be drugs.

Well, she seems to be resting okay... I've got her close to me in her small doggie bed so I can pet on her or feel her if another one comes on. The m&m's are gone and my eyes are getting heavy again. Good night. Or is that good morning?


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Lexi, Pam. Hopefully she'll outgrow them. It's good you're not giving her meds. A friend's dog had seizures and was on meds -- and more meds -- which made her dopey but didn't do anything to control the seizures. You might try giving her passionflower and skullcap herbs, as well as vitamin c (for babies). Those supplements might help some. Kisses to Ginger, Lexi and your clan!

  2. While Lexi's seizures may not be from same cause and therefore would not be treated same way - the boxer we rescued had seizures the last couple of years of his life and although they did eventually become more frequent as he aged, a daily dose of steroid kept them milder and less frequent. It improved his quality of life immensely and enabled us to keep him those extra 2 years. If your vet recommends steroids, please consider using them.