Sunday, December 4

Thankful Thoughts

December 4, 2011

I have decided to think back on my Life today, so I can find the Joy deep inside me and bring it out during this Christmas Season.  It is not that I am without Joy. It just seems to be hiding behind the pains and grief of others of late, with a tiny bit of my own thrown in.

Growing up, I was not given a Faith based childhood. When I started High School I sought out sources of Faith on my own. One beautiful Sunday afternoon while walking around the campus of a local High School (within walking distance of my house), I experienced an attack by a young man. I was fifteen. It was close to Easter, and I was carrying a fold up "track" about God and Faith.  I believe that I was protected from the worst case scenario, by God, on that day.  Even though I was leery of this person who approached me, I was still young and made a couple of 'not so smart' moves that afternoon that put me in a vulnerable place with this stranger. As I was being physically attacked, I fought back and he eventually ran away. As I jumped to my feet, I noticed the Track still in my hand.
Thank you Lord.
I was so Thankful for His protection from what would have surely been a nightmare memory that day. Instead, I walked away with a sense of protection, as well as a lesson in listening to my instincts.

 Skip ahead and I get my next big Thankful Time ~ finding my husband, Gene. Being a young lady in the late 70's made it hard to find a man you could trust with your heart as well as your body. Drinking and drugs swirled all around me ~ as I suppose it did with most young women and men. It was a time when most of my friends went off to college and I went to work. I never participated in drugs, though I had my share of drinking nights. After a few 'near miss' encounters with some crazy men I had met during this time, I found a nice hard working, non smoking man!! His background was one of an Eagle Scout and Red Cross volunteer, and he worked as a firefighter/paramedic with our city.  We married within the year. I was so Thankful to have found someone who loved me back and I could trust with my life, my soul and my future. He still does.

More Thankful times ahead included the Birth of our Children. Thankful that even with an eight week EARLY start, our twin daughters came home to us Healthy and have grown up without any major issues because of it.
Then four years later, our mini firefighter was born to us without complications. Raising three of God's Children was at times challenging, but with His help (and some pre-school, bible school and Sunday school) they all three have grown up knowing Him in their hearts. I may not have had all the tools needed myself, but the Village Helped!! Thus, another Thankful ~ the Church.

Growing older has shown me to be Thankful for my Health! Over the years, I have not had any major health issues. Weight control maybe, but I have a good immune system and my body is hanging in there. I am starting to feel the effects of lack of exercise / strength, and every week I plan my next strategic attack :-D. 
One of our son-in-law's just had the last of his Cancer tumor surgically removed at the age of 32. He still has more chemo and radiation and then the task of trying to live life normally while you pray you stay cancer free.
Gene has had his own pain. Back Pain. Since January 2011. He has been on pain management for it and is now checking into surgery options. We pray he finds the right surgeon that can help him. (looking now)

We are definitely Thankful for our bountiful blessing of financial security. It is because of that we have been able to enjoy many activities and vacations with our family and friends, as well as take care of our lovely home. We have also been able to give to those in need and provide things for our community that help the handicap or less fortunate. It has also allowed us to diversify in business, giving us a second opportunity to share our bounty.

My last thought is about Friends. So Thankful for all the many people that have come into our lives, etc. But, after I started writing it, I realized it deserved a blog of it's own. So.... see you on the next blog!

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