Monday, March 26

Seriously. When did I become an Allergy magnet?

Somehow I have managed to have a pretty strong immune system.

Most of my illnesses have started with some kind of 'allergic reaction' to the environment.  When I go to the Doc-in-the-box it is because I have started coughing. And I can usually pinpoint an event that had me out in the blowing wind or very dusty conditions .... even traveling and staying in hotels with their air system blowing on me at night!  So, when I recently spent 4 days in a whirlwind of travel and places ~ BAM! The coughing started. But, I was also around some pretty sick people ~ my grandson had pneumonia and his momma was also coughing.  I also stayed in places with cats, spent time in a Laundromat and helped folks clean & flew on planes.

My fear of 'catching' something from those that were sick around me took me straight to the doctor when I slowed down. I was flu and pneumonia free, but got the cortisone shot, antibiotic shot, cough medicine, z-pac, and nose spray.  Four days later I went back when the cortisone wore off. Tested negative again, but another shot, changed cough medicine, gave me a breathing treatment and put me on an inhaler. Time to fly again, this time heading west to Arizona..... maybe the change will dry me up. Nope. It took both cough medicines just to get me through the day. It has been two weeks now and I have used up the prescriptions and started taking over the counter allergy medicines. 

So, I am not contagious dear friends ~ sorry you have to listen to me cough.

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