Thursday, May 3

Little Signs, Big Hope

Your first thoughts may be "signs, signs, everywhere are signs, do this don't do that, can't you see the si-gns"??  I guess that is exactly what I'm talking about, only not in song. As a woman, sometimes my 'gut' feeling or intuition is a sign.  Other times things just jump out at you. 

Wednesday, the five of us were sitting in the waiting room.... waiting for our pager to buzz us a "sign" / message that surgery had started......when over the intercom in the hospital is a daily prayer. THREE times the prayer talks about GOLD. Did you remember that the doctors placed GOLD seeds around his vertebrae ? Beth, Ginny and I looked at each other and mouthed 'gold'?! A Sign!! Like a hug from God. 

Earlier, before surgery started, as one of the assistants was walking out of Gene's holding room, he said "He's the Master" ~ referring to Dr. Dickman.  Well, I say Give us the Master!!! (a verbal sign)

The night before surgery some of us were with Gene at bedtime and had a prayer together. During this prayer we heard a couple of very loud horn honks outside ..... maybe an encouraging noise.... then, just before the prayer finished my cell phone went off with the Alabama fight song ring tone!!! We got some 'signs' from noises!!! 

The first meeting we had with Dr. D last month, started with simple formalities of "Hello, I'm xxxxx". The next thing we hear is "my son is so excited to be going to The University of Alabama as a walk-on Offensive lineman". Okay now.... we were in Phoenix Arizona. And we get a doctor that will be cheering for our beloved University of Alabama???? S-I- G- N  Roll Tide!. 

We have been blessed to have the best doctor available to us for this particular surgery (after all, he did invent this less invasive procedure & teaches it) ~ Yes, we had the master. And with our Master above to look over us.... our Faith is in place. The sign of the cross hangs from my neck. 

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