Sunday, November 25

Thanksgiving Thankfuls

After almost two years of life being turned on it's side, I feel the need to list my blessings and joys.  Just Thankful, Happy Thoughts! 

  1. My Husband and surgery that was successful 
  2. Children that have grown into amazing adults. 
  3. A home that keeps us protected.  
  4. Abundant food (too much at times!)
  5. The love of dogs
  6. Church   
  7. This year my eyes have seen the most glorious colors of Fall. 
  8. Watching my baby sister find love. 
  9. Movies that move me ~ tears and all. 
  10. Good health for my family! Especially Corey & others being cancer free! 
  11. Thankful for Family that stands by you. 
  12. Music played loudly and joyfully. 
  13. Grandchildren. 
  14. Surprise morning phone calls from Grands
  15. Friends that not only listen, but give you honest advice.
  16. A good haircut. 
  17. Shoes that don't hurt your feet 
  18. 'Dancing' at a football game 
  19. Blankies and fuzzy socks. Mine. 
  20. Blessings in Business

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