Tuesday, April 9

The Color Yellow Means Spring

With the warmer temperatures comes pollen. A yellow dusting is covering all of Hoover, Alabama (though you may also be experiencing it where you are). Some of it has found its way into my home as well. That comes with back doors being left open for pups that like the sunshine or just ringing the bells hanging from the door to go out every few minutes! I know the predicted rain will be welcomed.... though I do not think mother nature is through with us just yet.

Another sign of Spring is all the birds chirping. I love love love to listen to all the different vocals!! They are also nesting ~ I helped a poor bird out that kept trying to build a nest behind a cross I have hanging on my front door. The little pieces of sticks and grass/weeds kept falling right through to the porch. So, I bought a little spray of sticks and set it behind the door.....

Now we are talking spring!!! But, I have to be oh so careful when opening my front door! One egg has already fallen out.

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